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Typical Lonely

Hey dude....
are you here to service me?
You have to promise you won't
tell my husband what we do!!
Oh My Gawd,
Service me again Big Boy!!
Hope hubby doesn't find out...


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of being unfaithful, while hubby
is at work is in my book!!

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Mike Riley - Technician
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Hi Ma'am,
I'm here to fix all
your problems ma'am...
Just do'in my job ma'am....

...writing a True book about you
lonely & cheating housewives!
Ha Ha... Read it and Weep!


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to Finally hear the Real Truth
about what your wives are
doing while you are at work!!

Repairmen Submit Your True Stories Here
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~ San Diego Aug. 10th, 2005 ~
Newswire -
Phone Interview w/ David Moye
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~ Canberra, Australia Aug. 11, 2005 ~
Radio Interview - 5:35pm EST
2CC w/ Michael Jeffreys
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~ Cork, Ireland, August 11th ~
Radio Interview - 6:45pm EST
RedFM w/ Victor
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~ Ocean City, Maryland Aug. 12, 2005 ~
Radio Interview - 7:30am EST
WOCM FM 98.1
w/ Bulldog, Snoopy & the Dude
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Live Radio Interview

Each of these radio stations
are great listening stations!

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~ Dublin, Ireland, August 12th ~
Radio Interview - 9:10am EST
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~ Detroit, Michigan - Aug. 15, 2005~
Radio Interview - 11:00am EST
Radio: WRIF FM
Drew & Mike Show
Thank you Drew & Mike & Detroit
for the Great Interview!

~ Saginaw, Michigan - Aug. 17, 2005~
Radio Interview - 8:10am EST
Radio: WKQZ FM Z93
w/ Joe & the Poor Boy
including Jay & Amy!
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for the Great Interview!

~ New York, June 3-5 ~
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COPS - Concerns of Police Survivors

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True Stories as they actually happened !!

These stories are True and have been put together from over 20 yrs of in home service experiences.
They reflect the cheating attitudes of millions of wives when their husbands go off to work and the repairman is supposed to come to fix something at their house. The repairman constantly runs into wives that either answer the door with no clothes on to let the service repairman in, or just plain are bold about making it clear why they called the repairman....
.... and it's not to "Service" their appliances, but rather to get themselves serviced.

Husbands go to work and unknowingly are leaving their wives home to be "Serviced"!!
Ever wondered why the repairman keeps having to come back over and over again?
Read my Book Today and learn the Real Truth!

*Cheating Housewives**

"The Danger if the husband comes home"


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